<每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【史】(shǐ])>

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语言是人与人沟通之间的桥梁,也是人与世界连结的一把钥匙。世界上少说有五千多种语言,除了目前世界主流语言英语之外,你或许会想,学完英文之后我还能学什么语言? 答案很简单,当然是学中文! 如同之前所提到的,中国在全球经济和文化交流中已经扮演一个举足轻重的角色,未来趋势也是如此。加上庞大的人口数与大量的海外移民,人与人沟通上,自然中文也就扮演更重要的角色。试想, 如果你不了解中国也不会中文,是不是如同不能和世界接轨? 掌握未来呢?  可见学习中文有多么重要 。快来学中文吧!!

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<每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【史】(shǐ])> 4

<每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【史】(shǐ])>

其本意,是掌管编年史的官员或史官,在原始时代,编年史官负责占卜。其实史,言,使,事等字本是同一种形式,后来,它们的形式和意义都延伸成不同的意思。 (源自于汉字五佰例)  Its original meaning was “the official in charge of chronicles” or  “a historian.” In primitive times, the chronicle officials were responsible for divination. So, a hand holding a bow drill (to mark the oracle bones to seek the divine guidance) indicates this official. Actually, 史, 吏,使 and 事 originate from the same form. Later, they became different in form as well as in meaning.

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<每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【史】(shǐ])> 5


(1) 她历史考试不及格,其他科目都通过了。She got a failure in history and passed in other subjects.

(2) 中国是一个有着悠久历史的东方国家。China is an oriental country with a long history.

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Why You Should Learn Chinese with One Word a Day: It’s Easy to Learn Mandarin Effectively 

Are you interested in learning a new language? Have you considered Mandarin Chinese? With over a billion native speakers worldwide, Mandarin is the most spoken language globally. Not only does it open doors to a rich and diverse culture, but it also enhances your career prospects in the global market. However, learning Mandarin can seem daunting due to its complexity. But what if we told you that you could learn Mandarin online free and effectively by learning just one word a day? Sounds intriguing, right? Let’s delve into why this approach works. 

The Power of One Word a Day 

Learning one word a day might seem like an overly simplistic approach to mastering Mandarin. However, this method has proven effective for many language learners. By focusing on one word each day, you give yourself the chance to fully understand its meaning, pronunciation, and usage in different contexts. This method allows for deep learning rather than superficial memorization. 
Moreover, this approach makes learning manageable and less overwhelming. Instead of trying to cram hundreds of words into your brain at once (which often leads to forgetting most of them), focusing on one word per day makes the process more enjoyable and less stressful. 

How Learning One Word a Day Boosts Retention 

When we learn something new, our brain needs time to process and store that information. By limiting your learning to one new word per day, you’re giving your brain ample time to absorb the new information effectively. 
Furthermore, repetition is key in language acquisition. By revisiting the same word throughout the day—reading it, writing it down, using it in sentences—you reinforce its meaning and usage in your memory. This way, when you encounter that word again in future lessons or real-life situations, you’ll be able to recall it quickly. 

Leveraging Technology: Learn Mandarin Online Free 

In today’s digital age, there are numerous resources available to learn Mandarin online free. These platforms offer a variety of learning materials, including video lessons, interactive exercises, and even one-on-one tutoring. Many of these resources also incorporate the “one word a day” approach into their curriculum. 
For instance, some apps send you a daily notification with a new Mandarin word to learn. They provide the word’s meaning, pronunciation (often with audio clips), and examples of its use in sentences. This way, you can practice the new word throughout your day—during your commute, on your lunch break, or before bed. 

Consistency is Key: Making Daily Learning a Habit 

The key to this method’s success is consistency. Learning one word per day might not seem like much progress in the short term. However, over time these small daily efforts accumulate into substantial knowledge. 
Think about it: If you learn one new Mandarin word each day for a year, you’ll have learned 365 words by the end of that year! That’s enough vocabulary to understand basic conversations and texts. 
To ensure consistency, make your daily learning session part of your routine. Set aside a specific time each day for learning your new word—perhaps over morning coffee or right before bed. The more consistent you are with this habit, the more effective it will be in helping you learn Mandarin. 

Conclusion: Embrace Slow and Steady Learning 

Learning Mandarin—or any language—is not about speed; it’s about understanding and retention. By focusing on one word per day and using free online resources to aid your learning process, you can effectively learn Mandarin at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. 
Remember that language learning is a journey—not a race. Embrace this slow and steady approach and watch as your Mandarin skills gradually improve each day! Practice and get support learning Mandarin from experienced teachers at online Chinese schools like

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