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Have Fun At Summer Camp Learning Mandarin

2024 Summer Camp Enrolling Now!

Weekly themes keep the summer fun-filled. Students practice Mandarin in a real world setting and enjoy one field trip each week.

Join camp for as little as $174 per week!

Enroll Early for more weeks and Save

Summer Camp Discounts

Save 10% Early Enrollment
ends 3/15/24

Have fun at summer camp playing, exploring & learning.

Daily Schedule

777 Southgate, Daly City 94105

Full-Day Camp from 9am – 3pm

8am-9am Extended AM Care
9am – Drop Off
9:15am – Mandarin instruction.1
10:15am – AM break
10:30am – Mandarin instruction.2
11:30am – Lunch
1:00pm – Themed Summer Camp activities
3pm – Pick Up
3-6pm – Extended PM Care

2024 Summer Schedule

6/10-Cooking(2/AM, 6/PM)
6/17-Performing Arts(2/AM, 6/PM)
6/24-Cooking (2/AM , 3/PM)
7/8-Arts & Crafts(3/AM , 4/PM)
7/15-Practical Math(3/AM , 4/PM)
7/22-Cooking(2/AM , 3/PM)
7/29-Arts & Crafts(2/AM , 3/PM)
8/5-Performing Arts(2/AM , 4/PM)

Each Wednesday students enjoy a field trip. Locations to be determined.

Tuition as low as $155/week.

Scroll down to the FAQs to read about Extended Care.
*Count Above (#/AM , #/PM)

Prepay and Save

10% off
Early Enrollment Discount ends 3/15/24

Huge Discounts

Enroll for more weeks and save.

8 weeks (entire summer) – $174/week

6 weeks – $208/week

4 weeks – $253/week

2 weeks – $309/week

1 week – $376/week


  1. Choose and pay for a multiweek prepaid package.
  2. A code will be emailed to you.
  3. Visit the Class Schedule above on this page.
  4. Register for the weeks of your choice and use the code to redeem your prepaid tuition.

“My kid really enjoyed the summer camp. Teacher was great with children, very patient and knowledgeable. My kid started talking in Mandarin and teaching me Mandarin words. I loved that they gave us many pictures at the end of the camp for us to cherish. Would definitely go back next year.”

Erine Budi

“Our children have been coming to Everyday Mandarin since they have been in kindergarten. They thoroughly enjoy being in the program, learning about their culture and language. Ms. Wu along with staff, continues to passionately teach the students mandarin in a positive way as she loves all her students. We appreciate and value the program very much, hoping it will stay in our community for a long time as a tool to help preserve culture and language for the next generation.”

Carla Ng

What our parents have to say

Summer Camp FAQ

We accept students who in the fall of the upcoming school year will be starting grades 1 through 7.

We do accept younger students dependent on their behavior, listening skills and if they are a sibling of an older student.

Yes, please visit our Daly City location at 777 Southgate during our normal hours of operation. Monday/Wednesday 3:15-5:30pm. The staff can process your enrollment but they do not have information about the camp. Contact us at (415)952-7223 or learn@everydaymandarin.org for questions.

Summer camp is run by our Mandarin Head Teacher, Ms. Wu, of 8+ years with the support of our head and assistant teachers from other schools, collaborating and joining us.

The last day to get a full refund is March 31, 2024.
A 50% refund can be received if cancelling between April 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024.
A 25% refund can be received if cancelling between May 1, 2024 to May 31, 2024.
No refunds after June 1, 2024.

12 students per class. We have 2 classrooms, grades 1-3 and 4-7. Students are also divided up by level. Our teachers use differentiated instruction to keep students of all levels challenged in class and at camp.

Questions, call/text (888)489-9791 or email learn@everydaymandarin.org

Packages are limited to the use by one student only.

The most you would pay for extended AM Care is $250, extended PM care is $375 but most likely the cost would be much less.

We don’t believe in making a profit from extended care we’d like to split the base cost, $750/week, among the total number of students enrolling in extended care.

Here is an example of what the weekly cost for extended care might be:

1 student – $750.00

2 students – $375.00 (the most 1 student would pay for aftercare)

3 students – $250.00 each

5 students – $150.00 each

7 students – $107.14 each

Less than $100 if there are more than 7 students enrolling in extended care.

The weekly cost will be determined by:
8-9AM $250/# of students = AM Cost
3-6PM $750/# of students = PM Cost

*See the weekly schedule above for a current count of extended care students.

1 teacher to every 12 students. On field trips we have lower ratios, usually 1:6.

We will cancel class at least one month before the start date and will issue you a full refund. But typically classes fill up fast! The response has been amazing and our classes have already reached the minimum number of students required.

We do not offer sibling discounts.

Yes, we are open to volunteers helping. We don’t count volunteers as staff and they don’t apply to the teacher to student ratio. Many of our old students come back in the summer to help and practice their Mandarin. All staff must undergo a Livescan background check to work at Everyday Mandarin.

Join Our Online Chinese School

Live, experienced Chinese Teachers engage the class of students in Mandarin discussions and lessons. Enroll and get your child started on the path to Mandarin fluency. 

Expect them to start speaking Mandarin around the house with 6 months.

Full Immersion Chinese Class Learn Mandarin Online
Jaron Lin

学习中文的困难和挑战Difficulties and challenges in learning Chinese

学习中文确实会有一些困难和挑战,但却是一个令人兴奋的学习过程。 了解一些学习中文时的常见问题 ,可以帮助您或您的孩子有效地学好中文,以下是一些常见的问题: 首先,来说说汉字和发音之间的关系。 汉字是中文的文字,每个汉字都有自己的意义、文化和发音。 在学习汉字时需要记住大量的符号和笔划。 拼音或是注音符号是一种辅助工具,用来标示以及帮助汉字的发音。 但是,拼音和汉字之间的对应并不总是一致,甚至注音符号和汉字之间更没有直接的关联。 这样的问题可能让初学者感到困惑,因此在学习上就是一种困难和挑战。 其次就是语法结构的问题,中文的语法结构与英语和其他语言不同。 例如,中文的词序通常是主词-动词-宾语,顺序是完全不同,这对于英语母语的人来说可能需要适应。 再来的困难和挑战就是听力和口语的部分,中文的声调很重要,不同的声调可以改变词的意义。 所以初学者可能需要时间来熟悉这些声调,更需要花时间在口头练习上才能习惯中文发音和语调。 最后就是大量词汇的挑战,中文有大量的词汇,学习和记住这些词汇需要时间和努力。 对于这些学习上的挑战与困难,其实了解中国文化和习俗对于理解语言至关重要。 学习中文除了需要耐心、持之以恒,它其实也是一个充满乐趣和丰富的过程! 那如何让孩子学习中文更有效率,也更有吸引力呢? 其中一个方法就是采用沉浸式的教学方式。 现今中文教学方法大多是都是采取所谓沉浸式教学,它最大特点就是营造一个足够的中文教学和学生练习的环境。 线上直播互动中文课程也是如此。 所以,学生可以在很自然的条件下,将所听、所说、所看、所写、所用皆以为中文来使用。 特别注意是,不用过于担心中文文法难、汉字难写、发音不容易等问题。 在沉浸式的教学环境中,似乎看不到这种”难”,因为老师会将复杂的中文学习变成了有趣的活动,实质的生活体验,有用的语言交流等。 当学习变成了有趣好玩的活动时,孩子们学习态度的积极性将会大大的提升。 这种教学方式除了塑造足够的中文环境之外,更展现了以学生为中心的教学理念,不再是单向教学而是双向互动。

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Jaron Lin

元宵节对学习中文的重要性How important is Lantern Festival to learning Chinese?

元宵节是中国传统的节日,通常在农历正月十五庆祝。 在传统社会中,过完元宵节中国新年才算正式结束。 元宵节也被称为灯节,因为人们会提灯笼、摆设灯饰、灯笼和猜灯谜来庆祝节日。 对于学习中文的人来说,这个节日正好是一个难得的学习机会, 因为元宵节拥有丰富的中华文化意义,它包括了几个重要的方面:     第一,就是语言学习机会。 元宵节是一个学习中文的绝佳机会。 你可以学习和使用与节日相关的词汇,例如:元宵或汤圆以及灯笼,甚至透过猜灯谜来了解文字与文化。 第二,学习文化传承。 通过了解元宵节的传统习俗、饮食和活动,你可以更深入地了解中国文化,并将这些文化广传于身旁的亲友。 例如,元宵节的传统食物是汤圆,大家可以一起制作汤圆,简单又具意义。 而灯笼游行和猜灯谜也是节日的重要活动,学习过程中也可以和亲友分享这过节的喜乐。 第三,增加社交互动。 如同前述,元宵节是一个家庭和朋友团聚的时刻。 你可以与说中文的朋友一起庆祝,用中文交流,并分享节日的喜悦。 总之,元宵节不仅是一个庆祝活动,也是一个丰富的中文学习机会,让您或是您的孩子更好地了解中国文化和语言。 说到体验文化与中文学习方面,<Everyday Mandarin>在中文课程方面对孩子的听、说、读、写四个方面进行全面的教学,也就是采取沉浸式教学。 课程除了兼具密集度,使学生在短时间内获得密集培训,迅速提升中文水准的同时,也把娱乐性融入其中,确实做到寓教于乐的原则。 不仅如此,<Everyday Mandarin>还为学生精心组织了丰富多彩的中华文化课程和文化体验活动,例如: 过年期间教导学生如何制作春联、灯笼等。 帮助学生零距离地了解年节习俗与文化。

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Jaron Lin

中国新年对学中文有多重要? How important is Chinese New Year to learning Chinese?

中国农历新年,俗称春节,是中国最重要的传统节日之一。 它标志着农历新年的开始,通常在西历一月底或二月初之间举行。 传统的中国新年是从小年夜开始,一直到初十五元宵节才结束,整整超过两个星期的庆祝活动。 在这段期间,人们沉浸在过年的喜气中。 而今年又是龙年,龙在中国传统习俗中代表着吉祥,也是中华文化最具代表的象征之一,所以龙年可说是传统年节里的重中之重。 对于学习中文的人来说,中国新年正好是一个学习中文与中华文化的绝佳时机。 因为中国农历新年具有以下重要性: 首先,是对中华文化最直接的一个体验,因为中国新年是一个丰富多彩的文化展现,学生可以参加许多年节庆祝活动,除了欣赏舞龙舞狮传统节目的表演之外,也品尝了传统美食, 每一道年菜都充满着良好的象征与意义,借此更可以了解中国的传统习俗与价值。 其次就是语言学习的一个好机会。 因为在中国新年期间,人们使用许多与节日相关的词汇和短语。 例如恭贺新喜、大吉大利、恭喜发财等。 学生可以通过参与节日活动,阅读相关材料,像是年节的由来、拜年词汇的寓意、过年的禁忌等来解中国新年和中华文化。 并藉由过年的互动提升与人交流的机会,进而提高他们的中文水平。 最后说到社交互动,中国新年是一个家庭团聚的重要时刻。 学生可以透过与中国朋友和家人一起庆祝,增进彼此之间的友谊,并练习中文对话。 总之,中华文化博大精深,特别是中国新年,它不仅是一个庆祝活动,也是一个学习和体验中华文化的绝佳机会。 说到体验文化与中文学习方面,<Everyday Mandarin>在中文课程方面对孩子的听、说、读、写四个方面进行全面的教学,也就是采取沉浸式教学。 课程除了兼具密集度,使学生在短时间内获得密集培训,迅速提升中文水准的同时,也把娱乐性融入其中,确实做到寓教于乐的原则。 不仅如此,<Everyday Mandarin>还为学生精心组织了丰富多彩的中华文化课程和文化体验活动,例如: 过年期间教导学生如何制作春联、灯笼等。 帮助学生零距离地了解年节习俗与文化。 透过接触中华传统文化,让孩子在学习中文上起到辅助的作用,增加他们学习中文的兴趣和动力,从而促进语言

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