Tired of your child attending Mandarin/Chinese classes and still not speaking?

We Guarantee Your Child Will Be Speaking Mandarin Around The House Within 3-6 Months!

Our 4 Hour a Week, Full Immersion Mandarin Class Will Develop Your Child Into A Fluent, Confident, "Natural" Mandarin Speaker For Only $225 per month for 16 Hours.


Enroll By 12/15/2023 - Classes start January 2024

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How can I get my child enrolled in the Full Immersion Online Mandarin Class?

  • Pay the $125 Yearly Registration and Supply Fee. This will reserve your child's seat in the class. (12 students per class)
  • INTRODUCTORY OFFER, 1ST MONTH FREE (ENDS 12/15/23) Class tuition will be billed automatically on the first of the month.

Class Details:

Weekday Classes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 4:30PM, Pacific Standard Time (starts 1/2/2024)

(newly added) Weekend Classes: Saturday & Sunday at 8:00AM, Pacfici Standard Time (starts 1/6/2024)


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  • Beginner - Pinyin & The Basics class is 60 minutes long and is has an introduction discounted price of $199 per month. (16 hours of class per month)
  • Level 1-6 - YCT classes are 60 minutes long and cost $225 per month. (16 hours of class per month)
  • Level 7-12 - HSK classes are 90 minutes long and cost $375 per month. (24 hours of class per month)

Students must be between 7-19 years old, grades 1-12. Space is limited to 12 students per class.


Everyday Mandarin is excited about this innovative class they created especially for kids to foster and flourish their Chinese/Mandarin language and conversational skills.

Enroll to give your child the chance to thrive in a fully immersive Mandarin environment right from the comfort of home.



View Levels & Curriculum | Frequently Asked Questions | Interest & Feedback Form | Enroll by 12/15/23 for the 1st month free! 

Choose Your Mandarin Level & Enroll

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Review the levels and the curriculum to self assess and place your child.


*Please note* You may want to challenge your child and enroll them in a higher level but, if your child is not naturally speaking Mandarin with ease, we suggest choosing one level lower. In class, teachers will asses students to be sure they're in the correct level. We want to be sure your child feels comfortable in their level so they are excited to participate, speak and converse freely.


*Not Sure Which Level Suits Your Child? Click Chat Below So We Can Help!*


View Levels & Curriculum | Frequently Asked Questions | Interest & Feedback Form | Enroll by 12/15/23 for the 1st month free! 


Beginner Pinyin & the Basics -  Students will learn how to read Pinyin and to pronounce the proper Mandarin tones. Basics also inlcude proper writing techniques and understanding radicals. (Pinyin Activity Book | Phrase Books) - Enroll in Pinyin & the Basics


Level/Year 1 - Curriculum YCT 1 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 2 - Curriculum YCT 2 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 3 - Curriculum YCT 3 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 4 - Curriculum YCT 4 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 5 - Curriculum YCT 5 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 6 - Curriculum YCT 6 (Take a Peek at the Lesson Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 7 - Curriculum HSK 1 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 8 - Curriculum HSK 2 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 9 - Curriculum HSK 3 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 10 - Curriculum HSK 4 (Take a Peek at the Activity Book) - Enroll


Level/Year 11 - Curriculum HSK 5 (Take a Peek at 1 of 2 Activity Books) - Enroll


Level/Year 12 - Curriculum HSK 6 (Take a Peek at 1 of 2 Activity Books) - Enroll


*Schedule not meeting your needs? Filll out this form to provide us feedback so we can try to accomodate you when setting up future classes. https://forms.gle/cyqXyGYWMei9Q6Ni8


No Contracts, Pay Monthly, 1st Month FREE - Enroll by 12/15/2023

What's the best, fastest way to learn Chinese and to speak Mandarin?

The most effective and rapid way to master Chinese and speak Mandarin is through our ultimate immersion experience – enroll your child now for 16 hours of intensive, in-class practice, encompassing reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin with a dedicated teacher and like-minded peers. Elevate their fluency and confidence for an unstoppable linguistic journey!

View Levels & Curriculum | Frequently Asked Questions | Interest & Feedback Form | Enroll by 12/15/23 for the 1st month free! 


How is the Everyday Mandarin Full Immersion Program successful?

Supercharge your child's Mandarin journey with Everyday Mandarin's Full Immersion Online Class – where MORE TIME (16 hours per month) translates to MORE MANDARIN PRACTICE, MORE MANDARIN REPETITION, and an unparalleled FULLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. Our meticulously crafted program, backed by 12 years of expertise, ensures your child thrives in a Mandarin environment right from the comfort of home. Unleash the power of dedicated practice in our online classes, strategically designed to transform your child into a "natural" Mandarin speaker. Elevate their fluency and conversation skills with a program that prioritizes immersive experiences and linguistic excellence. Enroll now for a Mandarin journey that transcends boundaries and propels your child toward linguistic mastery!


What is a "natural" Mandarin speaker?

Unlock your child's innate ability to become a "natural" Mandarin speaker with Everyday Mandarin's revolutionary Full Immersion Program! Unlike traditional classes fixated on vocabulary and memorization, we redefine language learning by immersing your child in an online environment designed to hone conversational skills. Witness their effortless mastery as they listen, formulate sentences, respond to questions, and speak with precise tones – just like a native speaker. Don't settle for the ordinary – choose our program to propel your child into the realm of authentic Mandarin fluency! 


Can you explain to me how my child will become a "natural" Mandarin speaker?

Transform your child into a fluent Mandarin speaker quickly with our immersive program, strategically designed for four hours of weekly instruction. Beyond the standard curriculum, engaging projects, cultural lessons, and discussions on China's history, geography, and current events enrich their learning experience. In just four hours a week, your child will effortlessly listen, understand, speak, read, and write Mandarin while having fun along the way. 


View Levels & Curriculum | Frequently Asked Questions | Interest & Feedback Form | Enroll by 12/15/23 for the 1st month free! 

Refer Friends and Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

FREE Trial Month - Enroll by 12/15/2023



View Levels & Curriculum | Frequently Asked Questions | Interest & Feedback Form | Enroll by 12/15/23 for the 1st month free! 



What happens after I enroll?

One of our staff will reach out to you to schedule a Zoom meeting where we can answer any questions or concerns you may have, understand more your expectations and hopefully have a quick conversation with your child about the exciting, fun class they'll be joining. We want to get to know you, your child and for you to get to know us.


Will there be alternate schedules available for this class?

We are happy with the positive response from our community to enroll in this class. We try to make our program accessible to all students. Please complete this Interest & Feedback Form - https://forms.gle/ALnQ7ZtUhdhBfGv69 so we can gather information to help us design our programs. 


Can I join the Mandarin class mid-month or mid-year?

Students can join and start learning Mandarin anytime. Each levels' curriculum takes one year to complete. If your child starts 5/18, they will complete the curriculum the following year on 5/17. You will be charged automatically monthly based on the date of on when you enroll.


When do students move up a level?

A student moves up a level after students complete an entire year's curriculum. Or if the teacher determines your child would do better in another level we'll talk to you about the recommendation to determine if transferring to another level is best.


How do I know my child is in the correct level?

Teachers will independently assess a student's level throughout the class. If they feel there is a level that better suits the student we will move the student to the recommended level.


Will there be homework?

We've designed the 4 day a week, full immersion classes to not have homework. Students will be meeting so frequently for class that the in-class experience is when and where your child will get all their practice. Do expect them to be speaking Mandarin at home with you as it'll become natural for them to speak Mandarin.


Will these Full Immersion classes ever be offered in-person?

Meeting online is a key component to the structure of the class and how it creates a fully-immersive Mandarin experience for the student. The isolation removes any distractions that typicially occurs in the classroom. That is why we highly recommend students wear headphones when attending class. There may even be a day when the class meets virtually in a VR world. Everyday Mandarin wants to control the environment and Mandarin experience your child will have to ensure the effectiveness of the program in developing your child into a "natural" Mandarin speaker.


Is there a sibling discount?

Siblings will get 10% off the monthly tuition. Just let us know after you enroll and we will adjust the monthly tuition.


Is there a referral discount?

Yes! Ask us for a referral code to share with friends and family so they get 10% off the monthly tuition. Every referral you make also earns you 10% off the monthly tuition as long as the referred student is enrolled. Yes, your calculations are correct. Refer 10 students and pay $0 per month for your child's tuition.


What happens once the class is full?

A waiting list will be created and students will be listed on a first-come, first-serve basis.


What if my child misses a class?

There are no makeup classes. Because the class meets 4 days a week there is no time for a makeup class. The structure of the class is designed so that your child won't fall behind if they miss one, two, three or more classes.


Can I pause my payments/attendance if we go on a long vacation, travel?

We cannot hold spaces in the class for non-paying students. If you want to stop payments, let us know by the 20th to avoid being charged for the next month. If you pause payments because of illness or unforeseen circumstances your child will be placed first on the waiting list for when they return. If the absence and pause is because of a non emergency or medical reason, your child will be placed at the end of the waiting list.


What if I want to stop attending class?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Cancel anytime, notify us by the 20th of the preceding month to avoid future charges.


What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction is our priority! We are always available to discuss the program and your child. We do not offer refunds.


Does it matter where I am when I connect to class?

Most of our students are in the US and Canada. We have students from across different time zones connecting to class. The class times are Pacific Standard Time so if you're outside PST then please adjust accordingly. We do recommend students be in a quiet area and that headphones are used so the teacher gets complete focus from the student and your child is fully immersed in class. It's okay to contact while on vacation or away. We use Zoom so you'd need to be sure wherever you are Zoom will work. As a courtesy, please do not have your child connect via an mobile device in the car or out in a public setting. It's very distracting for the class and the teacher may choose to disconnect your child if it's a disruption.


What technology requirements are there?

Technology requirement: An Internet connection, device with a camera, microphone and sound. Tech support will be available upon request. We highly recommend students using headphones so they get the full immersive Mandarin experience.


What is the guarantee you make about my child speaking Mandarin around the house within 3-6 months of attending class?

If your child regularly attends classes for a continuously, within 3-6 months you can expect to hear them speaking and hopefully responding in Mandarin if encouraged and nurtured by you. They will want to show you what they've been learning and the engagement will eventually become second nature to them in our expectation that they will become a "natural" Mandarin speaker. If this does not naturally occur, reach out to us so we can be sure your child is attentive and engaged in class.


Who is Higher Level Learning and the other brands I see on my bill and on material sent to me?

Higher Level Learning, Inc. is the parent organization of Everyday Mandarin. Higher Level Learning manages multiple educational programs including, MyStudyBuddy.org, MyCredentialedTeacher.com, WritingByTyping.com and more. Please don't be alawrmed if you see that name on any of your bills or in an email. If you have questions, let us know.


If I have a question who can I contact?

Contact Everyday Mandarin at learn@everydaymandarin.org, fill out the contact form or call/text 415-952-7223. Feedback Form


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View Levels & Curriculum | Frequently Asked Questions | Interest & Feedback Form | Enroll by 12/15/23 for the 1st month free! 

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