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We excite kids to discover Chinese culture & learn Mandarin.

Our students spend more time practicing, studying and interacting with a LIVE! Chinese Teacher.
  • FREE introductory classes for beginners ages 4-6.
  • Beginner classes for ages 7+ for $99/month.
  • YCT curriculum for $225/month for ~16hrs/month.
  • HSK curriculum for $375/month for ~24hrs/month
The goal of our classes is to develop your child into a fluent, natural Mandarin speaker.
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Advanced Pathway to Mandarin Proficiency

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We've been exciting students to love learning Mandarin since 2012.

Our students interact and practice speaking with peers and a live teacher.

Our goal is more than just teaching your child Chinese language. We develop language proficiency and confidence so your child speaks Mandarin faster and naturally like a native speaker.

To successfully learn Mandarin, we determined the key is more class time to practice in an immersive Mandarin environment. Facilitating class online is the best way to achieve this goal and have your child speaking Mandarin fluently.

Join our Full Immersion Online Mandarin Class for all levels and ages.

Chinese Language, Mandarin Programs We Offer

Full Immersion Online Mandarin Class for Kids

Chinese School Online, Mandarin Class

Discover Chinese for 8-24 hours a month from the comfort of your home. Learn Mandarin online at an affordable price. Your child will start speaking faster and with confidence.

  • Levels: 1-12
  • Cost: starting at FREE
  • Schedule: Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) ~or~
    Weekends (Sat and/or Sun)
  • Location: Online
Private Chinese Language Teacher

Private Mandarin Instruction

Prefer a personalized, 1-on-1 session focused just on your child? Our experienced Chinese language teachers are available to teach Mandarin to your child in-person or online. Let’s talk about your expectations and we’ll create a custom curriculum to meet your Chinese language learning goals.

  • Levels: Any
  • Cost: $45/55 minutes
  • Schedule: By Appointment
  • Location: Online or In-Person
Mandarin After School Program Near Me

Mandarin After School Program

Looking for a “Chinese School near me”? Our 4-5 day a week in-person Mandarin class is so fun students are singing and dancing. Our goal is to get your child to love learning Chinese.

  • Levels: 1-6
  • Cost: starting at $328/month
  • Schedule: School Days, Monday-Friday. Afterschool till 6pm
  • Location: San Francisco & Daly City, CA
Chinese Summer Camp Near Me

Chinese Summer School

Summertime is fun time! We integrate Mandarin into our daily activities. Daily 2-3 hours in Chinese language class. Enrichment based on weekly themes keeps students engaged. Join us for our weekly field trips around the SF/Bay Area.

  • Levels: Grades K-7
  • Cost: starting at $155/week
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday 9AM-3PM
  • Location: Daly City, CA

Mandarin Summer Camp 2024

10% Early Enrollment Discount Ends March 15, 2024

Join our fun-filled Mandarin Summer Camp for as low as $174/week.

Each week is a different theme and set of activities taught in Mandarin.

“Our children have been coming to Everyday Mandarin since they have been in kindergarten. They thoroughly enjoy being in the program, learning about their culture and language. Ms. Wu along with staff, continues to passionately teach the students mandarin in a positive way as she loves all her students. We appreciate and value the program very much, hoping it will stay in our community for a long time as a tool to help preserve culture and language for the next generation.”

Carla Ng

“My kid really enjoyed the summer camp. Teacher was great with children, very patient and knowledgeable. My kid started talking in Mandarin and teaching me Mandarin words. I loved that they gave us many pictures at the end of the camp for us to cherish. Would definitely go back next year.”

Erine Budi

What our parents have to say

Join Our Online Chinese School

Live, experienced Chinese Teachers engage the class of students in Mandarin discussions and lessons. Enroll and get your child started on the path to Mandarin fluency. 

Expect them to start speaking Mandarin around the house with 6 months.

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每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【未】(wèi)

语言是人与人沟通之间的桥梁,也是人与世界连结的一把钥匙。世界上少说有五千多种语言,除了目前世界主流语言英语之外,你或许会想,学完英文之后我还能学什么语言? 答案很简单,当然是学中文! 如同之前所提到的,中国在全球经济和文化交流中已经扮演一个举足轻重的角色,未来趋势也是如此。加上庞大的人口数与大量的海外移民,人与人沟通上,自然中文也就扮演更重要的角色。试想, 如果你不了解中国也不会中文,是不是如同不能和世界接轨? 掌握未来呢?  可见学习中文有多么重要 。快来学中文吧!! <每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【未】(wèi)> 从图形上看,一棵树上有很多叶子,因此它的本义是“丰富”。 后来又借来表示十二地支中的第八位。 其含义改为“没有”或“还没有”等意。 到现在原意巳不复存在了。(源自于汉字五佰例) Graphically, a tree with a lot of leaves. Hence, its original meaning was “abundant.” Later, it was loaned to indicate the eighth of the twelve Earthly Branches, and its meaning changed to “no,” “not

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每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【武】(wǔ)

语言是人与人沟通之间的桥梁,也是人与世界连结的一把钥匙。世界上少说有五千多种语言,除了目前世界主流语言英语之外,你或许会想,学完英文之后我还能学什么语言? 答案很简单,当然是学中文! 如同之前所提到的,中国在全球经济和文化交流中已经扮演一个举足轻重的角色,未来趋势也是如此。加上庞大的人口数与大量的海外移民,人与人沟通上,自然中文也就扮演更重要的角色。试想, 如果你不了解中国也不会中文,是不是如同不能和世界接轨? 掌握未来呢?  可见学习中文有多么重要 。快来学中文吧!! <每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【武】(wǔ)> 此字上半部为古代兵器,下半部为足/脚,合意为“执兵上阵”。 因此,其本意是军事战略和权力的绝称<出自于汉字五百例>The upper part of this character 戈, a weapon in ancient times, and the lower part 止, foot, together mean “to take the weapon to go to battle.” Hence, its original meanings were the general term for

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每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【食】(shí)

说到学中文,现今中文教学大多是采用沉浸式教学 ,也就是营造一个尽可能完善的中文学习环境。因此学生的听、说、读、写、皆为中文。老师会将复杂的中文学习变成了有趣的活动,实质的生活体验,有用的语言交流等。这种教学方式不再是单向教学而是双向互动。这同时也是Everyday Mandarin 教学的理念与服务的目标。最后欢迎大家快来学中文,一同享受学中文的乐趣! <每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【食】(shí)> 它的本义是食物。 从图形上看,它是一个食品容器。 一般作为动词用,表示“吃”。 但它表示“给某人吃东西”时,可和“饲”字互换。 (出自于汉字五百例) Its original meaning was “food.” Graphically, it is a food container. Generally, it is used as a verb, indicating 吃, “to eat.” It is pronounced si, interchangeable with 飼 when it means “to give food to

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Full Immersion Chinese Class Learn Mandarin Online

学习中文的困难和挑战Difficulties and challenges in learning Chinese

学习中文确实会有一些困难和挑战,但却是一个令人兴奋的学习过程。 了解一些学习中文时的常见问题 ,可以帮助您或您的孩子有效地学好中文,以下是一些常见的问题: 首先,来说说汉字和发音之间的关系。 汉字是中文的文字,每个汉字都有自己的意义、文化和发音。 在学习汉字时需要记住大量的符号和笔划。 拼音或是注音符号是一种辅助工具,用来标示以及帮助汉字的发音。 但是,拼音和汉字之间的对应并不总是一致,甚至注音符号和汉字之间更没有直接的关联。 这样的问题可能让初学者感到困惑,因此在学习上就是一种困难和挑战。 其次就是语法结构的问题,中文的语法结构与英语和其他语言不同。 例如,中文的词序通常是主词-动词-宾语,顺序是完全不同,这对于英语母语的人来说可能需要适应。 再来的困难和挑战就是听力和口语的部分,中文的声调很重要,不同的声调可以改变词的意义。 所以初学者可能需要时间来熟悉这些声调,更需要花时间在口头练习上才能习惯中文发音和语调。 最后就是大量词汇的挑战,中文有大量的词汇,学习和记住这些词汇需要时间和努力。 对于这些学习上的挑战与困难,其实了解中国文化和习俗对于理解语言至关重要。 学习中文除了需要耐心、持之以恒,它其实也是一个充满乐趣和丰富的过程! 那如何让孩子学习中文更有效率,也更有吸引力呢? 其中一个方法就是采用沉浸式的教学方式。 现今中文教学方法大多是都是采取所谓沉浸式教学,它最大特点就是营造一个足够的中文教学和学生练习的环境。 线上直播互动中文课程也是如此。 所以,学生可以在很自然的条件下,将所听、所说、所看、所写、所用皆以为中文来使用。 特别注意是,不用过于担心中文文法难、汉字难写、发音不容易等问题。 在沉浸式的教学环境中,似乎看不到这种”难”,因为老师会将复杂的中文学习变成了有趣的活动,实质的生活体验,有用的语言交流等。 当学习变成了有趣好玩的活动时,孩子们学习态度的积极性将会大大的提升。 这种教学方式除了塑造足够的中文环境之外,更展现了以学生为中心的教学理念,不再是单向教学而是双向互动。 这同时也是Everyday Mandarin 教学的理念与服务的目标。 希望这些建议对你有所帮助! 目前Everyday Mandarin线上直播互动中文课程与暑期夏令营正在热烈招生中,欢迎来电询问与报名。 (415) 952-7223    

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每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【氏】(shì)

由于地缘关系和历史发展,中文和其他亚洲语言关系密切,像是日语、韩语等也都深受中文(华语)影响甚深。因此掌握中文,对其他语言的学习也有着重要的辅助作用,是不是一举数得? 快来学中文吧!! <每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【氏】(shì)> 从战国文字的形态上看,它形像上是一根上面有龙形或蛇形图腾的木柱,是氏族的象征。 其本义是“对氏族的称谓”。 专为古代贵族所享有。<出自于汉字五百例> From its forms in Warring States Period characters, graphically, it was a wood post with a dragon-shaped or snake-shaped totem above, which was a symbol of a clan. Its original meaning was “the title for the clan,” which was enjoyed

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每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【示】(shì)

说到学中文,现今中文教学大多是采用沉浸式教学 ,也就是营造一个尽可能完善的中文学习环境。因此学生的听、说、读、写、皆为中文。老师会将复杂的中文学习变成了有趣的活动,实质的生活体验,有用的语言交流等。这种教学方式不再是单向教学而是双向互动。这同时也是Everyday Mandarin 教学的理念与服务的目标。最后欢迎大家快来学中文,一同享受学中文的乐趣! <每日学一字Chinese Learning One Word Everyday~【示】(shì)> 始见于甲骨文,原为祭祀神灵的石桌。 祭品都是显现在光天化日之下,因此“示”有展现出来让大家看的意思。 古人在祭祀祖先或神灵会说一些祷告祈求的话,希望求得神灵保佑。 也因此“示”有“有事相告”之意。 也引申为显示,表示之意。 (原自于汉字五百例) Originally, it was the stone table for offering ceremonial sacrifices to the gods. Later, it evolved into 示. Characters with the radical 示 always pertain to ritual ceremonies, worship, or prayer. 造句Sentence-making (1) 警察让他出示身份证。The police

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