Full Immersion Chinese/Mandarin - More real-world practice develops a confident, "natural" Mandarin speaker.

Everyday Mandarin is excited about its NEW Full Immersion Chinese/Mandarin Classes. The program has been developed so your child can get more practice learning, interacting, speaking and engaging with others in Mandarin so they get real world engagement and develop into a fluent, natural Mandarin conversationalist.


Enroll by 12/15/23 to get the 1st month free.


Every month students will get ~16-24 hours of Mandarin instruction and engagement. The classes will include learning new vocabulary and phrases based on our curriculum AND, it will also include practicing the Mandarin with art projects, Chinese history and culture lessons, geography of China, current events and more.


Everyday Mandarin is creating a full immersion Chinese/Mandarin experience for your child from the comfort of their home.

Everyday Mandarin uses Western styles of teaching to engage, interact and excite students to learn and love Mandarin, Chinese culture, and history.


What makes Everyday Mandarin different?


Everyday Mandarin focuses on hiring and training quality teachers so your child enjoys attending class and learning Mandarin. Our programs emphasize Mandarin verbal development so your child can quickly learn the practical application of the language. Teachers role play with students and use positive reinforcement to encourage beginners to speak Mandarin and develop confidence.

Mandarin Afterschool In Daly City

Monday - Friday | dismissal till 6pm | 777 Southgate Ave, 94015

(415) 952-7223 |

Everyday Mandarin @ FSK ES

Tuesday & Thursday | 3 - 6pm | FSK Elementary Students Only

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Everyday Mandarin @ Sunset ES

Monday & Wednesday | 3 - 6pm | Sunset Elementary Students Only

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Don't have a Mandarin after school program at your school?

Let's talk about getting Everyday Mandarin started at your school!



What’s the best way to master speaking Mandarin? 



Practice! We’ve heard and said it plenty of times, “Practice makes perfect!”or "Practice, Practice, Practice." But when learning Mandarin as a second language practicing, studying alone doesn’t develop fluency and a natural Mandarin speaker. Everyday Mandarin’s 16 Hour Full Immersion Mandarin Class creates the ideal environment for students to listen, respond and engage with others in Mandarin. That’s the right kind of practice to develop your child into a perfect Mandarin speaker.



Saturday Mandarin Classes Online




Beginner Level - Saturdays 3:10PM to 4:10PM

Intermediate/Advanced Level - Saturdays 2:00PM to 3:00PM

Advanced Level - Saturdays 4:20PM to 5:20PM


Focusing on speaking Mandarin and developing verbal confidence.

Classes are limited to 8 students so space is filling up quickly.